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The MEA Innovation Fund

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The MEA Innovation Fund makes investments in growth-stage ventures across HealthTech, Agritech, Edtech and more in the Middle-East and Africa. It is focused on solving the Middle-East and Africa’s most critical sustainability challenges by funding and supporting innovation and technology-based companies that are part of the solution. 

In 2019, Ignite Investments' Angaza team was awarded a mandate by the African Development Bank (AFDB)* and the country of Rwanda to invest in and support the innovation economy and venture capital activity in Africa. Financed and supported by the African Development Bank, the Rwanda and MEA Innovation Funds (RIF)'s objective is to deploy smart capital in Africa and cross-borders into high-growth businesses solving real needs. RIF invests together with private investors to back amazing entrepreneurs looking to grow their innovative and impactful solutions on an international scale. Angaza team, manager of the MEA and Rwanda Innovation Funds, works hands-on with amazing tech leaders, accompanying them from early stages,  and presenting them with guidance, connections, strategy, operational support, cross-border growth opportunities, and supportive capital. 

We believe in combining the power of innovation and entrepreneurship, smart capital, national support and international collaboration to invest in a better future and create sustainable innovation hubs all around the world.

The team is made of global and local investors and entrepreneurs that have launched, led, grown, pivoted, and exited companies - sometimes with stellar success, sometimes with incredible difficulties and hardships, always with vision, focus on execution, and resilience in the face of an ever-changing environment.

Our Investment Approach

We invest in growth-stage sustainable ventures, using innovation to address vast unmet needs of the African continent.

Technologies and innovative business models have only recently become commercially available to the masses, ready to leapfrog old infrastructures and bridge endless gaps.

We support and scale the most promising, affordable, inclusive, environmental and sustainable solutions. 

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Leapfrogging Sectors


Africa accounts for a quarter of all disability and death caused by disease worldwide, yet has only 1% of global health expenditure and 3% of the world's health workers with 0.2 physicians per 1000 people. The rapid rise of digital health technology promises to change the face of medicine across Africa, leveraging everything from AI and analytics to drones and telemedicine in order to expand access and make the provision of healthcare more equitable.



With over 60% of employed Africans working in agriculture, the sector is the main income and food resource of the continent. Technological advancements are needed to sustainably increase production and efficiency. Technology potential to enhance land analysis, crops yields, farmers’ income, resource and water efficiency, agricultural waste on so on has hardly started and represents a fantastic commercial and impactful opportunity.


Ed & Fin-Tech

With 2/3 of the sub-Saharan population still unbanked, fin-tech companies are building financial infrastructure from the ground up, putting an important emphasis on inclusiveness.

With the fastest growing youth-bulge in the world, education must be democratised to unlock opportunities for all.

Stocks on a Screen

Smart Logistics

Urbanization, a changing work environment, and the young population are driving demand for smart mobility and logistics services.

Long Train Ride

What Are We Looking For?

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Pressing Issues

our mission is to support companies that provide solutions to Africa’s most pressing issues that are affecting millions of people throughout the continent.

Big Ideas

 Innovative, technology-based solutions with high potential for scalability.

Substantial Impact

in addition to the business opportunity, we focus on companies creating a real, positive change in peoples lives.

Using Mobile Phones

Strong, Gender Diverse Teams

building a successful, impactful company is an intense journey, and we are looking for a dedicated, resilient team for that adventure. A diverse team is a must. 

If your company meets these criteria, please use the following link to provide us with all needed information. All information provided by you is confidential and available to Angaza Capital team members only:

Nexford University

Nexford University







Akili Network

Akili Network

Ilara Health

Ilara Health

Viebeg Medical

Viebeg Medical

Helium Health

Helium Health

Eden Care

Eden Care


Environmental and Social Management System

Angaza, the manager for the Rwanda Innovation Fund (RIF), is committed to the highest standards of environmental, social and governance in all our investments and activities, current and future. We are committed to acting according to our Environmental and Social Management Systems and improve them from their current uncompromising state as knowledge and best practices are further accumulated. Our goal is to invest in high-growth tech businesses that have a positive impact on people, communities, the environment, and our planet. We will screen all transactions, and make sure they provide the highest reward on all social and environmental aspects.


Our CEO commits to hold everyone in our firm and value chain accountable, including each investee company for adhering with our Code of Conduct, our Values, and Environmental & Social Policy.


For further information on our ESMS and policies, please reach out at:

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