The Power of Innovation
for Africa

Being the second largest continent with over 1.2 billion people and expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050, Africa has embarked on a new growth path, where innovation and technology can lead to prosperity, health ,and sustainability. 


The continent's enormous, untapped potential is full of challenges, affecting hundreds of millions. these critical needs recognised by local governments and global entities alike present a fertile soil for innovation, and tremendous opportunities for both investors and entrepreneurs.


While demand is unquestionable, proven tech can leapfrog old infrastructure models and set Africa on a stellar rise,​ yet some main issues are hindering the growth needed for success.

Local entrepreneurs struggle to scale their solutions and expand internationally, mainly due to a lack of fundamental support, smart capital, and an enabling and substantiated ecosystem.

We are here to bridge those gaps.

Our Value Proposition

Proven Track Record

We are a team of entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and investment veterans, with a successful track record of founding, building and financing leading companies around the world.

Government Support & Collaboration

Vast access to local support, partners and deals, with vast local market knowledge, all being critical success factors in a region with few intermediaries and scarce business information.

Global Network

An extensive international network of global leaders, venture partners, dominant businesses, influential NGOs, and knowledgeable research partners.

Regional Understanding

Our team has experience of over a decade in operations, investment and business development in Africa, creating strong channels and a comprehensive understanding of the local market's challenges and needs.

Bridging Innovation and Capital Hubs

Bridging Africa and the Middle East

RIF is building a bridge between two of the most promising technology and long-term capital hubs, showing exponential growth: Africa and the Middle East.


By strategically collaborating with Abu Dhabi Global Market, RIF is presenting African entrepreneurs with global reach, supportive connections, funding, and learning opportunities.

Bridging Africa and Germany 

Angaza Capital is also bridging between Africa and Europe’s leading economic force and innovation hub - Germany. We are establishing a strong partnership with entities such as GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), supporting the creation of startup ecosystems in Africa, hosting different international delegations and expanding the network of supporters in local entrepreneurs. 

Bridging Africa and Japan 

One of our bridges to far-east Asia connects Africa with the leading hub of technology and innovation - Japan.


The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been an early supporter of Angaza Capital and the Africa innovation ecosystem, providing local entrepreneurs with vast support and connections through the Japanese market.  

Bridging Africa and the Start-Up Nation

From the early days of Angaza Capital's launch, there has been strong cooperation between the Israeli Tech ecosystem and RIF - in order to provide strategic and tech support at the sovereign and entrepreneurial levels.


By closely collaborating with influential entities such as Start-up Nation Central, Milken Institute, Mashav, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many Israeli unicorns, RIF is presenting African entrepreneurs and innovation leaders with insightful know-how, training, connections, learning missions, and impactful pilots funding.

“​Emerging markets have eclipsed the advanced economies in GDP growth, just as the New World surpassed the Old at the end of the 19th century.The structural shift will generate opportunities to accelerate financial inclusion and boost aggregate demand in developing nations, by creating a resource-efficient model of growth. New technologies can enable nations to meet sustainable development and climate goals while maintaining food and energy supplies, clean water and good health”.

Angela Homsi, Angaza Capital Managing Partner, participated in Milken Institute Global Conference "Start-up Nations: Creating Laboratories for Developing Economies"

Our Partners

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