The Rwanda Innovation Fund

The Rwanda Innovation Fund (RIF) managed by Angaza Capital, focuses on solving Africa’s most critical sustainability challenges and needs by funding and supporting innovation and technology-based companies. 

Backed by the African Development Bank and additional leading financiers, RIF sponsors entrepreneurs looking for the support and capital needed to grow on an international scale. Our team work hands-on with amazing entrepreneurs, accompanying them from early stages, presenting them with guidance, connections, strategy, operational support, cross-border growth support, and smart capital. 

Our team is made of global investors and entrepreneurs that have launched, led, grown, pivoted, and exited companies - sometimes with stellar success, sometimes with incredible difficulties and hardships, always with vision, focus on execution, and resilience in the face of an ever-changing environment.

Our Investment Approach

We invest in growth-stage sustainable ventures, using innovation to address vast unmet needs of the African market 

  • Technologies and innovative business models have only recently become commercially available to the masses, ready to leapfrog old infrastructures and bridge endless gaps.

  • We scale the most promising, affordable, inclusive, environmental and sustainable solutions. 

Leapfrogging Sectors

with over 60% of employed Africans working in agriculture, the sector is the main income and food resource of the continent. Technological advancements are needed to sustainably increase production and efficiency.


Urbanization, a changing work environment, and the young population are driving demand for smart transportation and logistics services.

Smart Logistics

with 2/3 of the sub-Saharan population still unbanked, fin-tech companies are building financial infrastructure from the ground up, putting an important emphasis on inclusiveness.


Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for a quarter of all disability and death caused by disease worldwide, yet has only 1% of global health expenditure and 3% of the world's health workers. New technologies are essential in breaking the barriers of proper healthcare.


What Are we Looking For?

Pressing Issues

our mission is to support companies that provide solutions to Africa’s most pressing issues that are affecting millions of people throughout the continent.

Big Ideas

 Innovative, technology-based solutions with high potential for scalability.

Substantial Impact

in addition to the business opportunity, we focus on companies creating a real, positive change in peoples lives.

Strong, Gender Diverse Teams

building a successful, impactful company is an intense journey, and we are looking for a dedicated, resilient team for that adventure. A diverse team is a must. 

If your company meets these criteria, please use the following link to provide us with all needed information. All information provided by you is confidential and available to Angaza Capital team members only:

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