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The Rwanda Innovation Fund invests in Akili Network

Angaza Capital, the manager of the Rwanda Innovation Fund (RIF), is happy to announce its latest investment in Akili Network, the creators of Akili Kids! TV, one of Africa’s most-watched TV stations in households with children under 18 years old. This investment will increase Akili Network’s positive educational impact on African families and enable greater access and more local educational content.

The Rwanda Innovation Fund was officially launched in 2021, with the mission to back disruptive, innovative companies that deploy solutions to solve major sustainability challenges in Africa and provide answers to the dire needs of hundreds of millions of people across the continent.

“For us at Angaza Capital, leveraging different platforms and technologies in order to channel impactful content - and pretty much nothing is more impactful than children's education - is an obvious goal. What we found in Akili is a highly value-driven team with brilliant execution driving impact at scale”, says Olivier Munyeshyaka, Associate, Angaza Capital.

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