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Angaza Capital
                                                                                                                          An Ignite Investments company

Angaza Capital is an investment manager headquartered in

Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and Kigali.

It is part of the Ignite Investments development platform, with the mission to scale global innovation for Africa and the Middle East’s sustainable future.

Innovation - Builders - Positive Change

We invest in sustainable companies, build high-impact projects, and develop innovation ecosystems that provide solutions consistent with a globally-conscious, healthy, and safe society.

Our mission is to support the Middle-East and Africa in shaping a more sustainable future for all, with local entrepreneurship, smart capital, and technology paving the path to success.

Over the past decade, we have launched and managed a multi-strategy platform, which includes: Innovation funds, multiple innovation hubs and innovation ecosystems programs, sustainability and climate-focus' projects and Israel-GCC investment opportunity vehicles.

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Ecosystem Creation

We support innovation ecosystems throughout Africa and the Middle-East in partnership with global organizations and governments, leveraging cross-border R&D, entrepreneurial support, and horizontal thinking.

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Project Development

Our venture support and business development teams connect people and partners, foster growth synergies, and establish long-lasting partnerships, while implementing tailor made strategies, organizational design and financial structuring.

Pile of Coins


We provide the most promising teams and ventures with the capital and support required to achieve their vision, expand their operations, grow internationally and become the next exponential solution to Africa's biggest challenges.

Execution Strategies

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